Ready, Not Ready: The Home Stretch

I’m in the home stretch now at 9 months pregnant. The window for safe arrival of baby #3 opens up in a few short days. I’m still checking things off my preggy-do list, but also find that I’m caring less and less whether or not some things get done.  A little more “So What!?” is permeating through perhaps…

The reality is I don’t much have the energy to care or get too worked up about things. Many months ago I accepted that the early weeks may very well be riddled with utter chaos and struggles. I will not aim for any iteration of “just so” – it takes too much effort. The likelihood of lots of crying, my own tears especially, may be the norm for a little bit and well, So What!? There’s no real getting ready for it – I’ll just accept what comes. Or that’s what I keep telling myself, at least. My suspicion is that Baby #3 will be crying the least though, and that’s an okay thing.

I’ve started some of the cooking ahead with 6 quarts of meat sauce for spaghetti. That should go a little ways, and is a real favorite with all of my boys. I’ve had a few wonderful friends offer to cook for us within our dietary restrictions; I only need to provide recipes (note to self: don’t slack on accepting the help!). I’ve been working on more items that my husband can prepare, and even teaching him a few new things here and there. He’s a good man, and I’m a lucky woman, but it still takes some effort on both our parts to adjust to different roles around the house.

I’ve ordered the last of the newborn cloth diapers I need; now I should be all set for the duration since I have most everything from diapering H, our second son, with cloth. I may need one or two more tiny covers, but I’m waiting to meet baby first. The car seat came down from storage this week; now I need to just wash out the cover and possibly the shade, too. The bassinet will be next.

We have the Orbit Baby system, so I’m not worried about installing the car seat bases since we already have one car seat base ready to go in each of our cars. Our soon-to-be middle child is still rear-facing in the Toddler Car Seat so it’s easy to just pop that seat out and plop the infant car seat in its place should we have an urgent need to transport our newborn. If you’re wondering why I’m not adding the second car seat base into our van yet – well, it’s because I don’t have to – simple as that. I’m not quite ready to play musical chairs with the car seat configuration, so I’m just holding off. We’ll move our oldest (soon-to-be 5 yrs old)  to the third row when the time comes, but I’m not interested in climbing back there to buckle him in while 9 months pregnant – so I’m just putting if off because I can. Make that one more bonus point for the Orbit Baby system.

As to be expected, great sleep is pretty much a lost cause at this point. We’ve finally got our two boys sleeping well, and together, but it’s a miracle if I can sleep through the night without needing to get up for something – drink of water, use the restroom, reclaim a support pillow that fell off the bed, too hot, etc. Just one of those things that comes with the territory, so I nap when I can. Guess how much that is?!?

For this baby we chose not to find out the sex. We did know for the two boys, but figured we’d shake things up a bit this time around – well that, and we know from experience now that it doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of preparation, despite all of my type-A tendencies.  Since we don’t know the sex, we’re still finalizing both boy and girl names. We’ve been 90% set on both from fairly early in the pregnancy, but we still occasionally throw new ones in the hat, or discuss spelling and alternative middle name possibilities. The ongoing conversation keeps it fun!

There is always something that needs to be done around here, but pretty soon, it’ll just be time to wait… or clean, because cleaning is never done with little children sharing your home!

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