Turn, Baby, Turn. The Baby’s Breech

Breech.  That’s the topic around here of late. At 32 weeks, baby #3 is breech and has been for about 3 weeks now. I distinctly felt the whoopty-doo flippy turn (technical term) on a Saturday morning while laying down and turning onto my side. It was the most distinct movement I’ve felt over three pregnancies, yet little did I know that the little bun was going rogue. So now what?!

Well, my rational side knows I’ve still got time before things get too cozy for a simple somersault. My hormonal, somewhat irrational side is trying to keep out of the conversation lest she get backhanded for focusing too much energy on negative thoughts.  The inner battle is tough – not gonna lie.

The focus is to stay rational, get educated, be proactive in my efforts while I have the time, and avoid mentioning it to anyone who I’m not 100% certain is going to be supportive, encouraging or optimistic.  (***Friends who read this – if you mention the words c-section or cesarean, our conversation will be over instantaneously. I’ll forgive you, but you’ve been warned.)

For those just getting to know me, I’m strong-willed and determined. I’ve had 2 children in hospital settings, without epidurals or pain medications of any kind, both occurring in less than ideal circumstances. Sheer will-power, commitment, and determination is most likely how I succeeded. My first child was born in a confrontational setting where our L&D nurse was arguing with me about my choice of labor position (standing), and had washed her hands of me until it was too late… hello, 3rd degree perineal tear. My second child was born through an unwanted and unwarranted* induction via pitocin, then subsequent AROM (artificial rupture of membranes).  Things were a bit intense for both of my births, to say the least, but I was able to persevere without the epidurals. Why does this matter, you may wonder?  Just my long way of saying I’m hell-bent on a natural childbirth, and I’m MUCH more educated now (although I was pretty educated for my second, too). Hopefully, now you can see how this breech situation is really cramping my style.

I feel confident I’ve got a great team of care providers for support and guidance including:

  • a seasoned and very experienced midwife
  • a loving doula who was with me during the birth of my second child and knows me well (my husband and I are confident we’d have ended up an emergency c-section statistic without her), and
  • two different chiropractors – one of them specializing in preparing women for natural childbirth using both the Logan and Webster Techniques in combination with soft tissue work. They are both wonderful and complement each other for both overall wellness and attention to my current, very pregnant, condition.

I’m just getting to the part of trying to navigate and digest some of the vast amounts of content on the Spinning Babies website, practicing my inversion technique, and procrastinating on learning about moxibustion since a couple people have mentioned that, too.

I believe it in my heart that this is no big thing. Babies know their job. It’s just a tad daunting when mainstream America is the way of breech = cesarean.

Here’s where I’m asking for your help: birth community, moms who’ve stood in similar breech baby shoes, natural birth advocates, please send some positive baby-turning vibes my way and share your stories and experience about when a breech baby turned, or how a once breech baby turned.  I’m hopeful this will help me focus on the myriad ways this will go right!

*Later confirmed via two other independent practitioners who reviewed my medical records and diagnostic tests that “determined” the decision.


  1. After being head down for weeks, Ryan (11 months) decided oblique was the way to be. I don’t remember exactly how pregnant I was , but definitely in the thirties. I hadn’t even heard of that, I thought the choices were breech, transverse, or head down. I practiced my inversions, plenty of pelvic rocks, and had a wonderful chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy, and he corrected the error of his ways by 38 weeks. I’m sending you confidence and turning energy. :)

  2. I can’t tell you how many times (way more than I could count) I have seen women in the your exact situation, doing exactly what you are doing, and the baby flipped head down no problem. It is so smart that you are dealing with this now, at 32 weeks, instead of like at 38 weeks, because now you, your body and your baby have the space and the time you need to get into the optimal birthing position. You are doing all the right stuff, keep it up mama! Trust your body, trust your baby and don’t stress!

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