Resolving to Do More With Less In 2015

Resolving to Do More With Less In 2015

It’s been days (ok, weeks…) since New Years Day and I’m long behind all the other fresh starts and resolution blog posts, but eh, So What!? I figure any day is a good day to share some of what I plan to focus on in the months ahead. No need to feel bound by a calendar or what others are doing. That’s what I’m telling myself, at least.

This year will be a year of transformation – both for me and our family as a whole. As usual, I have lofty aspirations, but I’m going to try and keep most of them on the shelf for now and just pick a few impactful things to focus on.

Truthfully, I’ve never actually made resolutions before – none that I can remember anyhow. My best guess would be because I didn’t want to fail or let myself down. Silly, right? Maybe… Anyhow, the past is behind me and I’m progressively getting better at cutting myself some slack and I figure it’s about time to do something different. I may as well put it out there publicly, so here we go.

All of my goals for the year fall under one umbrella idea – doing more with less.

The first overarching goal is that we want to get our home prepared for sale. We’ve been in this house for a number of years and it has been in this home that we started our family; Now feels like the right time for us to move on. To adequately prepare our home for sale we have a fairly long punch list of items and an abundance of decluttering to do (abundance is not a strong enough word, actually. Ack!). I’ve got my work cut out for me on the decluttering front and will be working like a crazy person since I feel as though we are drowning in our “stuff” and have been for some time. I gave myself the goal of getting rid of 2,015 items in 2015 and am using the chart from Nourishing Minimalism. I’m actually trying to fast track this and get half or more out in the first quarter – ha!

Related to the decluttering, I plan to shift towards a Capsule Wardrobe this year. It’s both freeing and scary, so that’s a good enough reason right there. It means it’s a must-do. I find that the things that make me most uncomfortable at the outset are often the most rewarding in the end. I’m optimistic about this one.

I’m also looking forward to physical transformations. I’ve been fascinated with some of the yoga I see on Instagram, especially acrovinyasa, so I’m going to add yoga to my life this year. I hope to gain strength and watch my flexibility return. I’m in the midst of my second round of Whole30 and that is getting me off to a great start of feeling good and being mindful of my body and the deliberate movements I make.

These aren’t anything big or fancy, but they’ll get me to a place I really want to be. Progress, not perfection is my plan. But as with every year, goal #1 will always be to Be More Awesome Than Last Year!
New Year's Resolution #1
Do you have any similar goals or plans for 2015? Interested in joining me for any of these journeys? What are you working towards this year? Any time is a great time for a fresh start, right?

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