Looking Back: Stroller Decisions of a New Mom

Five years ago I was pregnant with our first child.  I had a lot of things already figured out (or so I thought) considering I was a first time mom.  I was determined to have a natural birth, I was skipping the baby swing and play yard, and was a committed babywearer before I had my own […]

Tackling the Preggy-Do List with a little ‘So What!?’

The countdown is on and baby #3 will be here in our arms before we know it.  I’ve begun digging through the packed away infant clothes, and trying to get everything as close to ready as possible for week one post-partum. One of the things on my preggy-do list that I haven’t yet begun to […]

Turn, Baby, Turn. The Baby’s Breech

Breech.  That’s the topic around here of late. At 32 weeks, baby #3 is breech and has been for about 3 weeks now. I distinctly felt the whoopty-doo flippy turn (technical term) on a Saturday morning while laying down and turning onto my side. It was the most distinct movement I’ve felt over three pregnancies, […]