Coveting the Nuna Leaf Curv

Coveting the Nuna Leaf Curv

As we steadily approach the birth of our third child, I’ve been evaluating what we have on hand, what we might need, and what would be really nice to have. Over the past five years I’ve watched many new products come to market and likely overlooked equally as many or more. When we had our second son, the only substantial change we made was the addition of cloth diapering. It had only been ~2 years since our initial purchases for our first son so most things had not been vastly improved or changed. I invested in a couple additional types of baby carriers, added the Pumpin’ Pal Super Shields to my pumping routine (wished I’d found those the first time around), we added an Orbit Baby Bassinet & Sidekick, and we bought a Baby Jogger City Elite Double stroller. Now that several years have passed, I can see that the baby product world has grown immensely and is even more overwhelming to a first time mom. Thankfully, the birth ahead isn’t my first time at this rodeo!

There are a handful of new products that have my interest peaked, and my reasons are generally fairly specific as you’ll soon come to learn.  The item that tops my Baby #3 wish-list is the Nuna Leaf Curv (or Nuna Leaf).  It tops my list specifically because I’m NOT a first time mom, and my desire is directly related to having a young preschooler in the home as the same time as an infant.

Nuna Leaf Curv

Nuna Leaf Curv

The Nuna brand is a Dutch company that introduced their products to the United States in early 2013. Their award winning products offer simple, eye-pleasing designs with clean lines, and quality construction. My desire for the Nuna Leaf starts with my experience with infant chairs, in general, and goes back to day one as a mom. Two wonderful and generous friends gave us the Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance and we used it regularly quite early on with my oldest son.  We have been really happy with it all the way around. It’s simple, battery-free, character/obnoxious pattern-free, and can also be used as a toddler chair – which was a particular benefit that attracted me to it in the first place – longevity.

Baby Bjorn BabySitter Balance

Baby Bjorn BabySitter Balance – the exact version we own. Newer models available now!

Our only hiccup with the Bjorn Balance came along after Holden was born and using it, and then once our oldest son, Camden, approached the weight maximum of 29lbs. We needed to discourage his continued use even though Holden was still plenty young and light enough to continue using and enjoying it. We had a difficult time explaining to Camden that he was too heavy; he loved the chair, too. An arbitrary “it was okay yesterday, but it’s not okay today” is a difficult concept for a young child to grasp. Therefore, and most unfortunately, after more than 2.5 years of continual use we eventually just put it up and never brought it back out so as not to damage it for any future babes or hand-me-down possibilities.

When this new baby #3 arrives, Holden will be my little challenger and he has generally weighed more than his older brother when comparing weights at specific ages. His personality is much more intentionally mischievous and keeping him off the Bjorn Balance will likely be a much bigger chore. Enter the Nuna Leaf. While it’s not the same exact concept as the seat we already own, it has the same general qualities that drew me to the Bjorn Balance in the first place:

  • Character/cartoon-free
  • Aesthetically pleasing, simple design
  • Doesn’t utilize batteries
  • Lifespan greater than early infanthood

The overwhelming reason I’m coveting the Nuna Leaf now is that the weight limit is a whopping 130lbs! That means that even if C & H were squabbling about whose turn it is to sit in the “baby’s chair” and they both end up in it at the same time – So What!? It can handle it, no problem. For this mom, that benefit is priceless – especially when you consider the price of this type of baby gear.

The price point of the Nuna Leaf is a little bit higher than the Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance and currently retails for ~$230. The Bjorn Balance retails for ~$220 depending on the specific model and cloth choice, but can sometimes be found as low as $155/$160. I can attest to loving and recommending the Bjorn Balance after several years of active use, but given our experience and the upcoming arrival our our newest little one, I hope it’s somehow in the cards for us to own a Nuna Leaf Curv, too.  The only downside I can imagine with the Nuna Leaf is that we’ll eventually need three of them!!

What item or items top your baby wish-list – either now or in the past? Share in the comments below!

*The Nuna Leaf and Nuna Leaf Curv are virtually the same product. The difference is in the shape of the base. The Nuna Leaf is pictured below for comparison to the Nuna Leaf Curv above.

Nuna Leaf

Nuna Leaf


  1. I also have the exact same bouncer as you and can vouch that it is super durable cause ours is over 10 years old. REALLY! You can check it out in my article about the bb bouncers called BabyBjorn Bouncer.

    The Nuna Leaf Curve looks nice… really a pretty design.

    • Ours Bjorn Balance is going on 6 years, albeit not continuous, but I’m with you! A good friend had hers lose the bounce and go into a permanent recline from her older child who continued to use it though so I saw the writing on the wall. The metal arms bent lower and lost their “spring.” Hmm, and now I see I need to do a follow-up on this as we’re using both the Nuna Leaf and the Bjorn Balance in our home. 😉

      • Ours still has “the bounce” thankfully.

        You should definitely do a follow-up. Rarely do people write reviews about items they’ve had for years.

      • I would love a followup as we’re currently debating between these two products and can’t seem to find one – I’m sure you’d get a lot of interest :)

        This article also brings up some great points that have added to our debate greatly! Thanks so much!

        • Hi! Glad my thoughts are helpful to you! You’ve given me the nudge I needed to push my post-purchase writeup out of “drafts”. 😛 It’ll be live later this week. Comment if there is anything in particular that you’d like me to address that I didn’t. I’m happy to update. Thanks for stopping by! -b

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