Ready, Not Ready: The Home Stretch

I’m in the home stretch now at 9 months pregnant. The window for safe arrival of baby #3 opens up in a few short days. I’m still checking things off my preggy-do list, but also find that I’m caring less and less whether or not some things get done.  A little more “So What!?” is […]

Breech Follow-Up: Babies Know Their Job

It’s been a little over 5 weeks since Baby #3 went rogue in the womb and settled into a breech position. I’ve been reluctant to jinx the situation by shouting from the rooftops that all is back in order since there was a correction, then breech again, then correction. Not unusual, but it takes some […]

Tackling the Preggy-Do List with a little ‘So What!?’

The countdown is on and baby #3 will be here in our arms before we know it.  I’ve begun digging through the packed away infant clothes, and trying to get everything as close to ready as possible for week one post-partum. One of the things on my preggy-do list that I haven’t yet begun to […]