Breech Follow-Up: Babies Know Their Job

It’s been a little over 5 weeks since Baby #3 went rogue in the womb and settled into a breech position. I’ve been reluctant to jinx the situation by shouting from the rooftops that all is back in order since there was a correction, then breech again, then correction. Not unusual, but it takes some effort to just trust nature and create the best physical environment for baby.

I focused my energy on trying to keep my hips and pelvis from tightening up further, and getting help to loosen the ligaments and muscle tension that was already contributing to some reduced uterine space in my pelvis. This made a big difference in my physical comfort, and eventually baby’s position. It’s worth noting that sitting in a desk most days was not helping the situation in any way… It took a fair amount of discipline, help from a co-worker, and setting a timer, to get me to stand up, move, and stretch all the right places as close to hourly as possible. I never fully digested how little I move sometimes!

In any case, I’m happy to report that about a week ago, things seemed to have finally corrected themselves in the typical fashion expected – and have stayed this way. I’m so glad I never considered or worried about anything other than exactly what has happened – a self-correction with minimal aid necessary. Babies are wise little beings and generally know how to get to the proper exit position.

Thanks to all that sent notes and provided positive baby-turning anecdotes and experiences. Hearing all the good outcomes and avoiding all the negative ones made a huge difference in keeping my thoughts in the right space! Home stretch, here we come. :-)

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